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Located in Queens, NY, Pure Spaces New York offers safe, chemical-free disinfecting services using electrolyzed water (HOCl) technology to sanitize environments.

Our Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) Solution is…

• 100x Stronger than Bleach
• Effective at Killing Viruses, Bacteria, and Super Bugs, including COVID-19
• List N Registered and EPA-approved
• 100% Coverage through Electrostatic Spraying
• Non-Toxic and All-Natural
• Safe on Food and Fabrics
• Non-Corrosive to Sensitive Equipment
• Safe to Spray with People in the Room – No Downtime Required

Pure Spaces has customized service plans that cater to your company’s needs, in addition to same-day emergency services. Serving New York City and the surrounding areas, we aim to provide an all-natural and SAFE disinfecting solution that is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and replaces harsh chemicals.

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A grocery store is a pickup and dropoff place for germs and viruses, and we wanted a product that kills them completely. Pure Spaces does that while being safe around food, our customers and our employees.”

- Mo DaBashi, Owner - Key Food Supermarket, Beacon, NY

“As a last mile logistics provider we have new people and cargo coming every day. Pure Spaces has allowed us to stay open and safe. We plan to partner with Pure Spaces for the long term.”

– Todd Breen, Owner – Sun Logistics, Queens, NY

“It has been important for us to keep a sanitized home since my mother who lives with us is at high risk for COVID and other deadly viruses. Pure Spaces has allowed us to sleep easier at night."

- Stacey, Roslyn, NY

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