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Located in Queens, NY, Pure Spaces New York offers safe, chemical-free disinfecting services using electrolyzed water (HOCl) technology to sanitize environments.

Our Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) Solution is…

• 100x Stronger than Bleach
• Effective at Killing Viruses, Bacteria, and Super Bugs, including COVID-19
• List N Registered and EPA-approved
• 100% Coverage through Electrostatic Spraying
• Non-Toxic and All-Natural
• Safe on Food and Fabrics
• Non-Corrosive to Sensitive Equipment
• Safe to Spray with People in the Room – No Downtime Required

Pure Spaces has customized service plans that cater to your company’s needs, in addition to same-day emergency services. Serving New York City and the surrounding areas, we aim to provide an all-natural and SAFE disinfecting solution that is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and replaces harsh chemicals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pure Spaces sanitizes environments with a natural disinfecting agent called hypochlorous acid — this is the same thing your body produces in response to an infection. It is completely nontoxic to human beings, yet 80-100x more powerful than traditional chemicals solutions.

Pure Spaces Disinfectant is EPA-approved to kill COVID-19.

Yes. Pure Spaces solution is non-toxic, non-irritant and non-corrosive. That means it can be safely used while employees are in the office and without any danger of corroding any facility surfaces, equipment, or furniture.

Chemical disinfectants typically used today confront pathogens by attempting to permeate the lining and enter the nucleus of the cell. If the disinfectant is too weak or depleted by the time it permeates and cannot kill the cell, as is often the case, then that pathogen becomes resistant to said disinfectant.

Pure Spaces’ solution is completely natural and active against pathogens almost immediately on contact. As soon as our Pure Spaces Disinfectant encounters the pathogen, the cell protein disintegrates and dies. Under this type of assault, pathogens are simply unable to mutate into stronger form.

In particular, commonly used harsh chemicals have been shown ineffective at killing the antibiotic-resistant superbugs wreaking havoc on millions of people all over the world. A 2014 report from the British government posited that superbugs are on track to kill more than cancer by 2050. The time for a new solution is past due.

The hazards of exposure to harsh chemicals are well documented across all industries, producing cancerous, respiratory, deformation and environmental epidemics all over the world. Through inhalation, ingestion and skin contact, chemicals steadily poison our daily lives.

Users of Pure Spaces Solutions have reported countless benefits by getting away from harsh chemicals and towards our all-natural, green solution. They no longer bear this same great risk of exposure to carcinogens. They have cut down on their use of plastic bottles. And their environments do not reek of unnatural odors that shock the senses, cause headaches and give the illusion of clean.

It’s true, electrolysis technology dates back to the 1960s. In the U.S., however, companies producing these solutions have only recently begun to seek and receive EPA registration as known cleansers and disinfectants. Among those, Pure Spaces is the only producer of e-water who uses a patented salt-free process to produce electrolyzed water. Due to this patented salt-free process, e-water can finally be applied broadly, quickly and easily to homes and businesses without risk of corroding sensitive equipment and machinery over time.

Now more than ever, cleanliness and safety are at the forefront of people's minds. Using a solution like Pure Spaces signals to your employees and customers that you are committed to providing a safe and sanitary environment. It also provides peace of mind. Wouldn’t you like to shop and work only at locations you knew were safe?

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